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I am a full-time content writer and theatre artist based out of Tempe, Arizona that specializes as a playwright, director, novelist, stage manager, and devised movement choreographer.

Writing and theatre have saved my life on multiple occasions. A cacophony of mental illness and physical disability has left me struggling to process and connect with the world around me for as long as I can remember, but through these artistic outlets I have finally found myself and a way to understand and feel the world around me again.

For me, art is the purest form of humanity there is, and the focus of my work is to honestly encapsulate the human experience. Devised movement has given me a truly beautiful and unique way of unfolding reality as I experience it, and I frequently incorporate movement into the shows I direct. Digging into a script with a troop of passionate actors to create a new world for the audience is the most magical feeling there is. The theatre community has become more than just my professional world — it is my home, and the people in it are my found family.

Writing tends to be more personal for me, as it is how I circumvent my trauma-fried brain into processing properly. Much of what I write is drawn from both the best and worst moments of my life, and tends to be a creative outpouring of my experiences.

Currently, I am very active in the Phoenix area as a professional theatre artist, and work full-time as a content writer with Staylisted. For more details on my work, please check out my Theatrical Portfolio, Writing Portfolio, and Blog in the menu above, or feel free to contact me through my contact page. Thank you!

Maybe Stewart (they/them)

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