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Here you will find a brief overview of my writing across multiple styles. My major projects are listed under the writing menu, where you will find more information about each of them. You can also find me on the New Play Exchange by clicking here, or on the NPX link at the footer of this website.

Plays and Screenplays

Full Length Plays

All the Wrong Places

Complete, Unproduced

But in Ourselves

Complete, Produced

Co-Written by Keach James Siriani-Madden


Why Can't I Be?

Complete, Produced


Part of the #AfterTheBans Project

Complete, In Production


Cankers in a Hedge

Webseries/Podcast, On-Hiatus


Mini-Series, Incomplete

Books and Short Stories



Incomplete Trilogy

Summer Heat

Complete, Unpublished

Breaking Shadows: Bold

Complete, Unpublished

Book 1 of 4

Short Stories

The Small, Ordinary Little Girl That Had an Extraordinarily Large Heart with Eyes

Complete, Unpublished



Full-Time Content Writer

A Pass Educational Group, LLC

Independent Contractor

OnStage Blog

Link coming soon!

Withering Violets

Personal Blog

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